(1988), for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. 4 minutes.

Perspectives looks at its material from two different points of view. At the beginning, a canon between the flute and the clarinet is presented against a percussive background of short piano notes and plucked strings. After a solo violin interlude, the canon is repeated (in reverse) with a pedal-point ostinato added to its surroundings. The slow-moving, mechanical canon is also put into perspective by the more active, expressive violin solo.

Offering much more to come to grips with were two pieces by David Drexler, Snowflakes and Perspectives. Both showed strong lyric and rhythmic development. (Jess Anderson, Isthmus, March 1, 1996.)

This piece epitomises the magical ability of a piece of music to be both an intellectual and emotional journey at the same time. (Pigeonholes Aside)

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