(1990), for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. 3 minutes.

Snowflakes is a short piece inspired by the symmetry and the ephemeral nature of Wisconsin's favorite form of precipitation. The patterns in the music aren't always perfectly symmetrical, like a good snowflake should be, but no two are alike, and they all melt before you can get a really good look at them.

Offering much more to come to grips with were two pieces by David Drexler, Snowflakes and Perspectives. Both showed strong lyric and rhythmic development. (Jess Anderson , Isthmus, March 1, 1996.)

John Zorn on lithium. (Jon Christopher Nelson, University of North Texas)

better-than-cornflakes/gourmet-earcandy (Cynthia von Buhler)

Snowflakes, by David Drexler, is a mixed chamber ensemble for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano. This contemporary classical conversation stretches the traditional boundaries of classical music by seamlessly floatingthrough moments of unusual, thought-provoking sonics. Although David Drexler's compositions are experimental and minimalist, they remain highly listenable thanks to a tight structure and careful arrangements. (

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It seems like a lot of people looking for photos of snowflakes or instructions for making paper snowflakes end up here. I hope you'll listen to the music anyway! But here are some pointers: