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I'm Sleepy

I say we jostle about for a while.
 We can do a tumbling act with primary colors.
 Jump on your shaggy shades of gray O friend o' mine,
 Look back in your head and clear the clutter and claim the clear,
We've got some swinging to do
 Before all our bones allow a bumbling bee to bop on a red petal.

Fooyeah I'm tired of all this
 But if I retire I'll never say goodbye to my pillow.
 Take my hand, let's keep rolling along,
 Pretending with smiles and watery sleepy eyes
 That we aren't being pushed about by a jocular stranger
 Without a name or a purpose,

Just observing this dance of ours . . . see you in the morning . . . ?

T. J. M. [1991]

Copyright © 1998 Tobin Jon Manley. All rights reserved.