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Yonder Laughs

I keep fuddling around so that there are unfriendly
 Fuzzys floating through my thought box
 It's a good thing this old contraption can still laugh at itself
 Without causing too many mefights

Whooah! Put a damper on this here inertial careening to nowhere
 Yonder over the hill I spotted a few laughs
 Jumpin' and makin' a racket, what say we join 'em!

Get off that thing that buddies up with soft cushions all the time,
 Rustle up your stuff, cause I plan on trippin' my way through
 The rest of this crazy show one night only, lazy bones!

T. J. M. A. K. A. the liberal hick [1991]

Copyright © 1998 Tobin Jon Manley. All rights reserved.